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Custom Rug Training

After 30 years of successful business experience, having been featured on 3 Discovery Channel shows & HGTV, raising 3 girls on my own ...homeschooling, in part, and private schooling... I know how rewarding this business can be for career satisfaction and family success!  You can work in your shop/garage while the kids are at school or asleep.  With an estimated goal of $1,000 per day in the shop, you will have plenty of family time and marketing time.  Allow me to share my experience and strategic business plan with you.  This is the best kept secret out there in my opinion!  A creative, hands on opportunity, that is also financially rewarding and time flexible.  I will protect your zip code as long as you stay in good standing with the BBB and keep your certification current with me.  I am committed to helping you succeed! Register Now for our Upcoming Custom Rug Design Training at

Tami Sullivan, owner, instructor and artistic director.

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