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est. 1987

Our Philosophy/History

Tami Sullivan-Barry, successful carpet designer and entrepreneur, loves creating the perfect rug, that Makes the room! She is now available to mentor the next generation of carpet designers, as well.  She is  offering one on one classes for those who aspire to enter this art business. You can visit our training section for more information.

Tami started Carpets by Design in 1987.  She had just finished high school and wanted to started her own business.  She was looking for an opportunity to use her artistic skills to create a comfortable life for herself and her family. She has spent the last 30 years "weaving" her art into a functional product for homes, yachts, and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as across the US.

Carpet design has proved to be her path to a thriving business, a unique art expression, and a satisfying life. 


" I love working closely with interior designers and discriminating clients, to create the perfect rug for their interior, and my clients love the ability to participate in their rug creations."


Tami Sullivan-Barry

President & Artistic Director 


Tami's work has been featured many times on Discovery Channel & HGTV , as well as local shows.


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